The Library A to Z

The Library A to Z is a campaign that highlights the breadth of services, resources and facilities available from libraries, and celebrates their continued importance, value and relevance.

It originally began as an alphabet of library services which was drawn together during a Library Camp East session in Autumn 2013.

With Andrew Walsh, in summer 2014 a crowd-funding project was set up to turn this alphabet into something more tangible. This project raised over £4,500 in one month. The funding helped produce a range of promotional and advocacy materials, centred around a visual alphabet of 27 full colour illustrations created by Josh Filhol. These materials include editable posters, greetings cards and a fully illustrated book.

Library A to Z logo

Library A to Z logo

The book itself includes quotes taken from users stories on our site, plus a chapter authored by the Voices for the Library team, which re-emphasises the importance of libraries. The chapter can be read here.

During the launch week copies of the book and other A to Z materials were sent to politicians at both local and national level, with the intention of encouraging continued support and funding for libraries.

We would encourage all library supporters to make use of the Library A to Z to remind everyone, especially politicians, policymakers and key funders, that libraries remain relevant in the 21st century.

All of the materials including the original illustrations, are available for free download from the Library A to Z site, and most can be reproduced and re-used by anyone within the terms of the creative commons license shown on the site.

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