If you read the papers, listen to the radio or watch the news you have probably seen or heard people expressing their opinion of what Public Libraries should be, or even whether they should exist at all. Most of these people either don’t use libraries, have an agenda to follow or think the library should only provide what they personally want.

Our agenda is to give people the facts about Public Library Services in the UK, and about the work librarians do, and to save Public Libraries.

We aim to provide a balanced view of the service and the professionals who work there, and to discuss some ideas for the way forward. We don’t want to lose our libraries, and we aim to ensure future generations continue to enjoy access to free unbiased public libraries and librarians.

We are inviting everybody who uses, loves or needs the services UK public libraries and librarians provide to join us, share your stories of why you want to save the services, explain what they mean to you, your friends and your families.

We believe that working together is the best way to create the public libraries we all want to use, providing as wide a range of information, recreational reading and activities supporting learning and literacy as possible. Not just for now, but forever.

We have the following aims:

1. Share positive stories from public libraries and librarians across the country.

2. Provide factual information about library usage in the UK.

3. Provide spokespeople for the media from a variety of different public libraries

4. Be a voice for communities and individuals to speak out about why they value their public libraries.

5. Support local campaigns to save libraries where it is apparent that the local council has not properly considered the impact of cuts to library services.


8 thoughts on “About

  1. Maureen Twose

    It is really encouraging to find this website developed by a range of professional library staff for the purpose of saving our libraries and combatting all the negative propaganda out there. Everyday my colleagues and I have evidence of the importance of public libraries. They help people in so many ways and become even more important when other services are cut and people lose their jobs. Libraries are essential for a literate society and a resource like this where we can share stories and boost morale amongst a work force having to defend their roles and salaries will be a great help.


  2. Christina Everitt

    I am thrilled that the little village I live in, Llanbradach has a library. In fact it was one of the reasons I moved here. Libraries are fantastic places, but need to be used regularly and explored by children and adults alike to get the most benefit. My son has started nursery and the nursery will take the toddlers out for fresh air in the park, or sometimes they will all take a trip to the library. What a great idea.


  3. Rachel Hore

    I am very glad to find this site and to add my voice. I am definitely one of the many whose life has been enrichened by libraries. As a child, being able to explore my local library (Bourne Hall in Ewell, Surrey) and to bring home all sorts of treasures to read that I’d never have known to look for was a highlight of my week. Now I’m lucky enough to have the Norwich Millennium library. Norfolk has not made any indication that it will close libraries (thank goodness), but it will be cutting opening hours. I want to express my support to those around the country who are fighting closures. I’m a writer, and reading made me one.


  4. Kathy

    We don’t have a library in my village (Farcet, Peterborough) but I use the Orton Library near my work on a regularly basis. I would miss it terribly if it was to be closed. I wouldn’t have anywhere else to borrow my books from. I grew up in Vietnam and didn’t have access to a library for the first 14 years of my life. I have missed out so much and wouldn’t want that to happen to any child. Reading is my passion and I would be lost without public libraries.


  5. James Rock


    I am interested in what is going on around Birmingham on 5th Feb – your site says meeting at Kings Heath Library – details TBA – but that library is closed due to structural repair work going on?

    Anything else happening in Brum?


  6. Sheila Charles

    Pimlico Library is new brand (2011).Clean, Cafeteria and toilets.
    Willesden Library is spacious. An Art Gallery is nearby. Plus a Bookshop which houses books that the Library does not.
    Now then, St. James’ Library and Marylebone Library needs financial assistance or risk being closed down. Marylebone Library is the worst in Westminster.
    Queen’s Park Library is in an Historical Site. It’s up to you to close it down. It serves its purpose with having the availability of Books, Magazines, DVD’s, CD’s, without having to purchase.


    1. Martin Cove

      Yes libraries are vital and so are the experienced staff who run them and quality stock. Many areas are cutting these instead of closing libraries and pretending that this is saving the ‘service’. Fight this deception please !


  7. nick jenkins

    At last some good news. The new Wellington (Shropshire) Library is nearly finished and will be opening at the end of the year with state of the art facilities including ICT, a local history archive, a children’s library as part of a £9 million new Wellington Civic Centre. This new library should be highlighted and showcased to show what can be done. Telford and Wrekin Council will be able to give you details of the opening date.



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