Voices for the Library have also been involved in the following projects, related to the support of library services, their staff and library users.

Twitter Takeover (@VoicesLibrary)

Our @VoicesLibrary Twitter account attempted to shine a spotlight on what really happens in library and information centres across a range of sectors. Each week, we handed over control of the account to a new curator.

The Library A to Z

This range of promotional and advocacy materials, which can be downloaded for free, highlights that even though books are a core feature of library services they have even more resources, services and benefits to offer.

1 thought on “Projects

  1. H Nash

    I think libraries are a great free source for inspiration for education, art, music, travel, IT, revision, research and social interaction. They provide the backbone for the nation’s education, information and leisure activities for the very young through to the very old.

    Please save our libraries – you only miss what you had, once it has gone.



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