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My Library By Right Campaign

We welcome CILIP’s recently launched campaign, My Library By Right, which champions the call for access to quality public library services, including:

  • The public’s rights to libraries to be recognised and respected
  • Public libraries to be treated as the statutory services they are
  • The Department for Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) to carry out their legal duties under the 1964 Public Libraries and Museums Act
  • Statutory guidance for local authorities on their duties under the 1964 Public Libraries and Museums Act from DCMS, with support from CILIP and the library and information profession

The campaign has also resulted in a petition to MP John Whittingdale (Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport), which we would encourage everyone to sign.

CILIP have also suggested showing your support for the campaign in the following ways:

Full details of the campaign can be found here.



Congratulations to ‘Library Songwriters: Skipton Rewind Club’ – CILIP’s Libraries Change Lives winners 2012

We at Voices for the Library would like to offer our congratulations to the team behind North Yorkshire’s “Library Songwriters: Skipton Rewind Club” on being awarded the 21st CILIP Libraries Change Lives Award.  The scheme uses libraries as a cultural centre to help teenagers develop their songwriting skills and support their confidence by helping them to develop and deliver their own events (see the clip below).

Linda Constable, chair of the Libraries Change Lives panel, highlighted the significant impact this scheme has had on local teenagers:

“In the wake of last year’s riots today’s teenagers have received so much negative press.  Today, we would like to celebrate teenagers. Here we have an inspired project with dedicated library staff working with some engaged and enthusiastic youngsters to learn vital life skills whilst doing something that they love. This project shows what teenagers can do when encouraged, not criticised. It also highlights the continued importance of committed and highly-skilled librarians who are often unsung heroes in our communities.”

These awards demonstrate the many varied ways in which libraries provide a vital and important service for many in the local community.  As Annie Mauger (CILIP Chief Executive) noted, these awards demonstrate “the power of libraries and librarians to shape and transform lives.”  Both libraries and librarians do have a positive impact on our communities, and it is through initiatives such as these that they demonstrate their value to both young and old.

Congratulations to all involved in the Skipton Rewind Club and to all the projects nominated for this award.  Libraries and librarians really can make a difference in local communities and all of the nominated projects demonstrate that they really can change lives for the better.

Congratulations Lauren

Last week CILIP announced that, from 1st January 2012, their new Vice President would be Voices For The Library founder member Lauren Smith. This is a one year post and following on from this, Lauren will automatically become CILIP President for one year.

Lauren has developed a high profile in the media over the past couple of years, in relation to library advocacy and activism, not only on behalf of Voices For The Library, but also for the Save Doncaster Libraries campaign. Earlier this year she was also named as one of U.S. Library Journal’s Movers & Shakers of 2011. We’re sure that Lauren will put her experience and skills to great use during her time at CILIP.

We are all sad that Lauren will be leaving Voices For The Library to undertake this new role, but we wish her well and hope that her enthusiasm will strengthen the work CILIP is doing and will inspire others to get involved and make a difference too.

Lauren Smith

Lauren Smith (c) Save Doncaster Libraries/Flickr