The younger generation will miss out – Smita’s Story

I feel very sad to learn that our local library, Enfield’s Ridge Avenue Library is to be run by volunteers. I have been going to the library since my daughter was born 25 years ago. We used to attend story time and during the summer holidays both my children would do the readathon challenge. We knew the librarians and one of them who knew my daughter from a very young age still keeps in contact with her on Facebook.

The librarians had so much knowledge and would direct you to the right place to find the book you wanted whether it be for a school project or for leisure. In the Borough of Enfield, I was told only very few are still being run by Librarians and slowly they too will be run by volunteers.

I regularly attended the Library in Enfield Town during my student days and remember how helpful all the staff were in helping you find the book or reference.

I am preparing for a presentation and have recently joined the British Library, the second largest library in the world. I have been amazed with all the help that the Librarians have given to me and reminds me of the same help I received from my local library during my school days. It is a shame that the young generation will be missing out on all the knowledge that Librarians have to impart.

If you have a story to share about your local public library, or about how your local librarians have helped you, please contact us at and we’ll be happy to share your perspectives on our library service.

2 thoughts on “The younger generation will miss out – Smita’s Story

  1. Mrs Chris stylianou

    I agree, this is beyond a shame, it’s tragic! What are we doing to our young people and indeed our elderly. Libraries are not just rooms full of books, they keep communities together. What happens if these volunteers can’t work, do the libraries then stay closed? For goodness sake Enfield council wake up and smell the coffee!!! Don’t do this. Look first at the waste of resoures that the council turn a blind eye to, such as the vast catering cost of council run events that does not get reviewed each time, as this is too time consuming ??? The council should take responsibility for what the people want.


  2. Matt

    Really miss the wonderful staff at the community libraries in Sheffield. They were human libraries who added so much happiness and joy to the lives of library users in communities in the city. It i’s a shame that their work has not been celebrated, it should be



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